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Privacy policy

This page describes in detail the collection and use of your data, and what rights you can exercise.

Why we collect data

We collect data for the following purposes:

What information is collected

While browsing our sites, some of your browsing behaviour is logged. This includes, but is not limited to

A cookie is placed with the sole purpose of identifying subsequent visits.

No other personal data is collected. Our analytics service anonymizes your IP address so it cannot be traced back to you. All data is stored securely in our data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our contact form allows you to send us messages and leave your email address. The data you send us with this form is logged temporarily and forwarded to our email.

Sharing data with 3rd parties

We make use of some 3rd parties to offer our services. Currently, we make use of:

Using our calendar service

It is important to realize, we can and will never read data from your calendars.
Our service adds and updates fixtures to your calendar, and other applicable events and messages around the team, league or topic you have subscribed to. This may include promotional texts in the event descriptions.

Google Calendar

When you choose to add one of our feeds to Google Calendar, the following happens:

Other calendars

Calendar services other than Google Calendar do not require a login. When using them, we ask the calendar application to subscribe your device to one of our calendar feeds. A unique identifier is added to this calendar feed url so we can link you web session to your calendar polls.

Terminating your usage

We do not keep record of our users' personal details, so in order to 'terminate your account', you only need to remove your calendar subscription from your calendar software.

The right to 'be forgotten' and 'data portability' cannot be exercised, because we have no data that can be attributed to you or that is stored for more than 7 days.